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Exploring Your Karma: A Workshop of Self Discovery

 “Karma is the science of our actions and their outcomes”  - Jeff Armstrong

The purpose of this workshop is to become more aware of the current karma you are healing through, and to explore ways to overcome certain karmic circumstances. Through self-reflection excises and in-depth conversations, you will explore the karma in your family, work, and relationships. The law of karma exists for the main purpose of love, and to make you a more enlightened being. Karma is designed to build you up, heal and help you with your spiritual development toward your higher self and is not meant to punish you or break you down. Karma can be expressed as the great equalizer, balancer and harmonizer of your life. So lovingly this law precisely reflects back to you the effects of your actions. Using your free will you can alter your actions to create different karma. As you make choices, you demonstrate your will and intent and therefore generate karma. Understand how your karma is regulating and developing your soul to be healed, enlightened and to be in harmony with the universal consciousness. GEOF JOWETT has a comprehensive science education and, for many years, pursued an academic career in the natural sciences. He is passionate about integrating the brilliant intelligence of nature with metaphysics to promote the continuity of life and expansion of consciousness.

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