About Janine 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve sensed an ever present inner knowing of the symmetry of one’s life, and that with subtle adjustments through our physical and spiritual bodies, one can achieve a heightened harmonious relationship with ourselves and loved ones around us. This has been the foundation of my work for the past 30+ years in group classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions.

My passion and true calling is to guide, educate, heal, and assist students through yoga, meditation, sound healing, reiki, personal training, shamanic practices, and nature based programs. I provide students with mindfulness based practices including valuable tools to help cultivate a life of health, harmony, energy, balance, and joy.  

Studying exercise science in college opened the doors to the incredible intelligence of the human body, validating what I had already felt intuitively. This began my understanding of tying the health of our physical structure with the health of our spirit. Courses in body mechanics, functional movement, and biological systems provided the road map that lead me to teaching programs in health education, injuries rehabilitation, and group class instruction. 

My 30 years of experience began as a college athletic trainer, health educator for corporate wellness facilities in San Francisco, and associate fitness director at AT&T corporate health centers in Pleasanton. This lead me to begin Nature’s Athlete, where I created indoor and outdoor fitness programs with an emphasis on performing physical activity with an internal focus. Nature’s Athlete workshops & retreats are held throughout the Bay Area and Mexico. 

Most recently, Om Janine Ellis was created in order to provide students with programs that strengthen the harmonic vibration of the body, mind, and spirit. 

May this new year bring us together as we enjoy a practice encompassed in light and the symmetry of love. 



Certifications & Trainings

*Iyengar Yoga-500 hours at The Yoga Room in Berkeley.

*Sound Healing and Therapy at Globe Institute in San Francisco.

*Shamanic practitioner from HCH Institute.

*Yoga Nidra at Sivananda Institute of Health and Yoga.

*Personal Training since 1993 – American Council on Exercise.

*Mindful Based Stress Reduction training from Dr Saki Santurelli at Center for Mindfulness Medicine & University of Massachusetts medical school.

* Reiki Master

*The Method and the Mat Work of Joseph Pilates at Physical Mind Institute

*Degree in Physical Education from SFSU.