Janine is a very kind, caring, and experienced instructor. Whether it be beginning Iyengar yoga, Chakra based yoga, Sound Healing or Restorative Yoga, she is there to make each student feel special, encouraged, and safe. Her calm supportive style of instruction has allowed my yoga practice to grow and improve as well as create a healthier mindset that is compassionate, accepting, and forgiving! As a professional she is constantly studying and learning how to improve her classes or add to her repertoire. I feel so lucky to have Janine as a yoga instructor and friend and would recommend her instruction to all who are looking to be a healthy happy human on a very busy planet!

I have had the privilege of attending Janine’s Classes for the past 8 years. I had never practiced yoga before and my beginning yoga years with Janine were at Forma Gym. Currently I am lucky enough to experience Janine’s talents at her beautiful home studio!”

-Jollyne Toste

“I have been Janine’s yoga student for 15 years. I attribute my speedy recovery from foot surgery and an auto accident because of Janine’s sage advice and coaching. Janine has always been there as my wonderful yoga teacher, great friend and mentor.

Her teaching has given me strength, flexibility and wellness. I feel a sense of peace and serenity after each session that helps me through my daily life’s stresses and activities. Janine imparts and models being the goddess that resides in each of us. I love Janine! She is love, beauty, kindness and wisdom!”

-Cheryl Yosimura 

“Janine has been my beloved teacher for many years. I always look forward to practicing with her and the community she has created. I’ve met so many incredible people through Janine. I’m easily bored and antsy, and so I really appreciate that Janine is someone who consistently brings new skills and practices into her classes, making her classes engaging and time fly. 

She’s got a loyal following. Janine treats her students with attentive tenderness, never pushing us beyond what is safe, all the while encouraging us to find our individual edge. She moves through the class, offering help to deepen a pose in a way that always feels supportive and loving. I’ve benefitted on and off the mat because of my time with Janine. I adore and admire her, and appreciate all the ways her wisdom and love have infused my life. I enthusiastically recommend her to students of any skill level!”

-Laura Halpin 
Certified Nutrition Coach

 “Yoga was something I had put on my someday maybe list until I reconnected with my friend Janine. I was inspired by her deep  connection with the Devine and her passion for yoga. Her unique, authentic, loving style makes her a perfect teacher for me. Before I started classes with Janine I didn’t believe that I was capable of many of the poses.

It was her belief in me, her constant encouragement and commitment to my success that allowed me to trust and expand my mind, body, spirit connection. Before I knew it I was changing my limiting beliefs and stretching myself literally beyond what I thought possible,  including a headstand. Janine has an amazing community and I’m so grateful that we have reconnected as we continue our spiritual journey” 

– Maggie Schreiber
Certified Oracle Guide and Coach 

“Practicing yoga with Janine has changed my life. She taught me the art of yoga. She also taught me how to honor myself on and off the mat. She teaches with compassion and encourages one to listen to their body and not force a pose. Her energy is calming, yet her presence lights up the room. She has an amazing soul. She is an educator, a giver, and most importantly a healer. Her practices will always leave you feeling strong, powerful, and present”

-Randee Turner

“Our CEO is committed to wellness and some of our staff have practiced yoga so the idea of a sound meditation as a time out from our busy work schedules was intriguing.  Janine’s wonderful sound instruments, her song and restorative yoga received positive feedback all around.  Janine provided the yoga props and made sure that the yoga was accessible to all regardless of their experience level.  Janine approached our event with reverence as well as some levity at appropriate moments.  Many in the group commented that they were able to achieve relaxation by following the sound as a vehicle for tuning out the daily mental chatter that most everyone has during their quiet moments.   This experience was a wonderful way for our group to celebrate our challenges and successes and express gratitude for our teamwork”

-Kathleen E. Ragot, Laconia Development LLC

”What you & your beautiful practice gives to us all, is our own personal awakening–not 
only with goodness, love, light and peace, but a deeper connection and love for ourselves. Your sincere love for what you do/give, gives so much love and support back that it allows everyone to awaken to their own beautiful garden of their hearts desires…
You are a treasure–a rarity, sincerely.  I so wish you lived closer so I could bathe in your gifts and the space you so exquisitely hold for all of us.
Humbled & grateful to know you…”

-Jill Henderson