Sound Healing & Meditation

Our bodies and minds operate at certain vibration patterns and frequencies, which can be magnified with the help of sound waves. Our bodies are composed of 60% water and our brains are 80% water. This makes us as human beings wonderful conductors for the vibrations of sound waves. 

By using these sound waves of Sound Healing, we have the potential to re-tune ourselves to our baseline frequency of relaxation and re-harmonize ourselves on a cellular level

Quartz Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sruti Boxes, Gongs, Chimes, and the powerful Universal Sounds of Om are used to guide you on a journey of deep relaxation, peace, and a heightened sense of well-being

“It is now widely accepted that most illness is stress related. Therefore treatment methodologies such as Sound Healing that promote relaxation and help reduce stress can be a very effective way to prevent and treat illness. It also enables an individual to relax deeply, achieving an altered state of consciousness similar to deep meditation”.

-The British Academy of Sound Therapy


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient style of meditation often described as “yogic sleep”, which is a state of being in between consciousness and sleep, which is helpful for deep physical and emotional healing, exploring your subconscious, and rewiring your brain. This practice is now gaining more recognition due to our busy modern lifestyle and our nervous systems constantly in the state of “fight-or-flight”, or the sympathetic state. Nidra is effective in easing us into the “rest and digest”, or the parasympathetic state. This is where the healing begins and happens.

“There is no separation between our dream state and reality because they inform each other, and Yoga Nidra is a practice that helps bring you into alignment with your truth.” 

-Richard Miller, Ph.D, Author of Yoga Nidra: A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing


Instruction in Yoga Individual & Group

Iyengar Yoga is a powerful and sophisticated teaching that may be practiced during all stages of life. Each unique sequence of longer-held postures focuses on the alignment of the body and it’s anatomical details. Through the attention of this alignment, strength and flexibility are accomplished without pain, discomfort, or injury. Simple props such as blocks, straps, and blankets are strategically used to help provide support and maximize the opening and awareness of our bodies. 

Iyengar Yoga provides strength, stability, awareness, and knowledge of the visceral body, the mind, and the spirit. It also therapeutic for certain chronic or acute conditions, or for previous injury rehabilitation.The benefits of this practice are all-embracing and will aid the student in every aspect of daily life.

“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” 

-B.K.S. Iyengar 

Energy Balancing

One-on-one energy balancing session using Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanic Illumination for channeling healing energy into the body to help bring balance to the energy field while improving the health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

“Traditionally, the chakras are the gateways through which the life force (Shakti) moves through the mind-body system. This energy gets transformed into mental, physical, and emotional expressions. You can examine your relative strength or weakness for each of these aspects as you look at your chakras. In this way, you map your ‘energy flow’ so that you know how to improve where you feel weak (physically, mentally, or emotionally) and expand where you feel strong. This can be a very practical approach to becoming whole”

-Deepak Chopra, MD